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Multiple groups of players go on great DnD adventures, and a mysterious connection links them all.

Site C2 is strangely primitive, given what we know about the civilisations of this time. It seems to be a basic campsite. Although, there are far more tools and possessions here than the number of humanoid remains would indicate. Perhaps a hermit or hoarder of sorts resided here? However, the other set of remains we found in the area is clearly a creature from another realm. It appears to be winged and predatory. Perhaps it was the reason this small, hoarder humanoid died so violently. Violently doesn't even start to cover it, really. Something had a grudge against this 

- Archaeologist Ankil's log, 2339 D

The Diary of R.S.

Created a small universe today. Burning it in my pipe did not provide the high I was looking for. Watching these dopes is only tolerable while high. Although, there's certainly violence. Maybe I need to make a series of nested universes and burn that for a denser flame. Yes, I'll try it and report back.

Yes, my pets, this is the floor that will be your undoing. The master's riddles may be helping but they'll be of little use against the resident of this floor.

- Withers' journal

I no longer hold out hope that you're alive. I know this is a gesture entirely for myself. Or...perhaps, for your loved one. I'm finding my search challenging. Without the resources of our outpost, I'm working in the dark. But I have found one group that we were keeping tabs on. Hopefully, they'll lead me to the prototypes still unrecovered, although I don't know why they would. I suppose groups like theirs tend to seek out objects, people, and places of great power. Anyway, I've made this report in the form of a bedtime story, as I did once before. I hope it finds someone who needs it.


- Galahad

If only the Master could suck away all the dumb luck from the area, in addition to the loose souls. At least they delve ever deeper. Heartened by their escapes, their confidence will build, drawing my grasp ever tighter around their throats. 

- Withers' journal

Site B4 appears to contain the ruin of a kind of primitive kitchen. Most puzzling is the presence of sand in the kitchen and even in the food. We checked whether this was rubble and, no, the arcane bubble protected most of the sites from rubble over the millennia. They seem to have intentionally added sand to their food, or, at least, they did in this city.

- Archaeologist Danell's log, 2337 D

The Diary of R.S.

There must be something else on but I can't bring myself to change the channel for some reason. Why so many panthers? 

The master wants me to lure them down. I'll reduce patrol frequency but keep new batches in production. I hope they find the wine. The wine is my favourite.

- Withers' journal

Reevaal is a strange place. The South side is terribly civilised, I must admit, I'm a fan of it. But, the North, I don't want to sound rude in my own journal; think of future generations who will read it! But, the North side is a little...messy? I'll stay for a short while, entertaining the locals with my stories, before continuing my journey East into the forest.  

- Volo's journal

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I've changed my mind. The journey to The Roost was dull (and a little scary). I shall venture Eastward toward the Eastern forest. Little seems to be known of it, which means it is a prime candidate to be Volo'd! 

- Volo's journal


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